What is the history of bitcoin: the creation phases of bitcoin

Bitcoin is a new invention of electronic money that has been appreciated by the general public since huge returns have resulted from this new method of financing.
Thus, although this cryptocurrency is fairly recent, its history is no less rich in events. The phases of adoption of this new currency, various and various modifications that have undergone his system are very interesting to analyze. Wondering who is the creator of Bitcoin? How could this cryptocurrency become so big on the net market? We answer all this in the following lines.

Who is the inventor of Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is an electronic money that has become very common and of a high value. Facilitating various transactions and other financing, this cryptocurrency has become an essential means to enjoy all kinds of returns. To this day, no one yet knows the identity of the one who created this new electronic money. However, the developer is called Satoshi Nakamoto and it is he who made the inauguration of Bitcoin August 19, 2008 by reserving the name Bitcoin.org.

What are the development phases of Bitcoin?


Bitcoin has gone through many steps before becoming the prestigious cryptocurrency we know today. So here are the phases by which electronic money has passed in recent years.
The first version of Bitcoin was released on January 9, 2009. Three days later, Satoshi made a deal to a developer named Hal Finney.
In October 2009, Bitcoin finally has an exchange rate and its value was around one thousandth of a dollar.

In 2010, many versions, more developed, Bitcoin out and increase the value of Bitcoin from $ 0.08 to half a dollar.
The following year, Bitcoin is clearly gaining popularity as it is very often mentioned in the press. On February 9, 2011, Bitcoin again gains value and becomes similar to the dollar. Then, it changes many times to finally go up to the value of 31 dollars. Thus, various Bitcoin exchange platforms are born in several countries.
In 2012, a theft of 50,000 Bitcoins sounded due to a software flaw in a US host. In the same year, a Bitcoin foundation was created to promote its use worldwide.
In November 2013, the US Senate held an official meeting on Bitcoin.

A loss of 744,408 Bitcoins occurred in February 2014 at Mt.Gox, which led to the temporary closure of the site.
Bitcoin ended up losing a total of 56% of its value in the year of 2014. This led Bloomberg, an American press, to write that Bitcoin is the worst currency of the year.
Bitcoin surpasses the $ 6,000 mark in October 2017.

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