To be found among all the alt corner: the different altcoins present on the net market

Electronic money is becoming more popular as it offers great ease of use. Indeed, the various transactions are simpler, faster and therefore more attractive than the basic payment system. Although Bitcoin is one of the most prestigious currencies of today, there are others that have been inspired by the same concept to offer equally interesting services. These are called "alt corners" and are quite numerous. We invite you to discover some alt corners to have a precise idea on the subject.

The advantages of Litecoin

Surely you have already heard of Litecoin. This is an electronic money that has the same code as the famous Bitcoin, but has undergone some improvements. Therefore, there will certainly be a lot of benefits you can enjoy. Here are a few :
The Litecoin blocks are mined every two minutes instead of the usual ten minutes for Bitcoin.
The transactions you make are confirmed faster, which saves you time.
Litecoin can also be mined using standard computers.
Litecoin offers fast and easy use.


Ethereum and its originality


You think Bitcoin has no competitor? Know that Ethereum is one of the most promising currencies of the moment. It has the particularity to be able to turn "Smart contracts" on all the computers of the same network, and this, simultaneously. Although its mechanism is rather difficult to grasp at first, its services are particularly interesting. Ethereum is a good way to create a contract program. Wondering what can the latter do? Here are some examples to note.
If you have a particular project and need money, you can simply start a smart contract on Ethereum. Then, several people will be able to lend you the sum you need, and this, safely. Thanks to the program code, you can only withdraw the money if you have achieved your goal.
You can start your own business, which will be run globally by the Ethereum program.
You have the possibility to sign any electronic contract in the blockchain of Ethereum.

Stay anonymous with Zcash


The anonymity during a transaction is something that can not be possible with Bitcoin, indeed, any transaction is public and it is easy to go back to the person who made it. Fortunately, be aware that using Zcash is no longer a problem. Zcash is a brand new electronic money that ensures anonymity during your operation of the program. Thanks to the new system of this cryptocurrency, you can carry out all your transactions without being afraid that someone can trace you. Thus, anonymity is fully respected and your security is much more assured. Although Zcash is still pretty new, it remains a promising method that can clearly have some impact on the net.

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