Ether and btc, what differences: what is the distinction between these two crypto-currencies?

It is clear that Bitcoin is one of the most prestigious crypto currencies of the current market. Indeed, it has reached a value of 6000 dollars in October 2017, which is particularly impressive. However, a new technology has attracted the attention of the general public, The Ethereum. It presents the same basic principle as Bitcoin, but adds a programming language specific to it, which offers the possibility of creating an infinity of decentralized applications. The Ethereum quickly grew and eventually exceeded the value of 25 billion euros. Therefore, the two competitors, although similar at the level of the basic principle, remain particularly different on several levels. So, you are probably wondering what is the general distinction between Bitcoin and Ethereum. To find out, see the following lines.


The benefits of Ethereum


Ethereum is a brand new cryptocurrency that offers a fully decentralized network. In this, although it is based on the same principles as those of Bitcoin at first, it is clear that the benefits of this technology can not be ignored. Thanks to Ethereum, you can design electronic programs that will be particularly useful for financing businesses safely, for example. Would you like to be able to define the different advantages of Ethereum? Here's what you need to know about the various possibilities of this technology.
The Ethereum is distributed on a platform that is arranged on the cloud. In this, it has the distinction of operating at all times. In the event that nodes are no longer functional, others will be available to perform their tasks.
The Ethereum code is always used in a secure, anonymous and above all: without any intermediary.
You do not necessarily need a server to run the Ethereum code.
You have the opportunity to create an infinity of applications of all kinds such as contracts that self-execute for example or social networks.


The indisputable advantages of Bitcoin

Unlike Ethereum, Bitcoin was not designed to create complex applications. Indeed, due to the lack of programming language on its blockchain, Bitcoin applications are clearly more restricted. Nevertheless, it still has bases that can not be questioned. Here is all you need to know about the advantages of Bitcoin against Ethereum.
Bitcoin's offer is deflationary, meaning that you have the option to set the maximum offer of chips in advance. By this you can be sure to keep their value.
Bitcoin is the very first crypto currency that has been put on the net market. By this, even if the system still lacks some elements, it remains deeply rooted in investors. It is therefore difficult to imagine that Bitcoin is left overnight for L'Ethereum.

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