Dirty coin: wu-tang clan rapper's son launches crypto currency cryptographer

The son of rapper Ol Dirty Bastard has just announced the launch of his crypto-currency for summer 2018, baptized Dirty Coin it aims to finance his next album and to be used by fans to attend concerts for example.

The very popular member of the Wu-Tang Clan nicknamed Old Dirty Bastard died in 2004 and left behind dozens of quality hip hop tracks.

Young Dirty Bastard aka Ol Dirt Bastard Junior (OL's son) is also very successful in rap today and has announced that he will launch a token called Dirty Coin to sponsor his next album.

He says to Yahoo:

"Why the blockchain? This is the invention of the moment for me and I also want to be part of the game. I've always been attracted to finance and that kind of thing, I get on the ship."

With the rise in the price of bitcoin in 2017, many celebrities then turned to crypto-money. Like for example Katy Perry, Jay Z or the French girl Nabilla who was praising the motto last January.

In the same example: 50 Cent lied and never owned a single bitcoin

The rapper explained that the Dirty Coin will be used by fans to buy merchandise bearing the star's image, concert tickets and also buy his music online. An ICO is planned for next summer with no further details.


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