Carrefour launches a blockchain for product traceability in europe.

It has already begun with the chicken from Auvergne, "Filière Qualité Carrefour", sold at one million units each year. And it will be "deployed to eight other animal and vegetable sectors such as eggs, cheese, milk, orange, tomato, salmon and chopped steak", as Carrefour points out in a press release.

This brings major benefits for consumers who will be able to use a QR Code on the label to follow the animal's journey to the supermarket: the place and method of breeding, the name of the breeder, the feed received (feed on French cereals and soybeans, and without GMOs....), the absence of treatment (without antibiotic...), the labels, the place of slaughter....

Carrefour therefore offers total transparency to its consumers: "it enables producers, processors and distributors to provide information on the traceability of their products for each batch". Moreover, it valorize the breeders and their know-how.

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