Buying a luxury yacht in crypto money is possible

A shipbuilder offers new models of very luxurious yachts payable in bitcoin and other crypto-currencies.

Yachts are synonymous with dream life and reserved for millionaires and billionaires. Some people have made their fortune with crypto currencies and want to show their success. That's why Denison Yachting’s society, based in Florida, lives with his time and accepts virtual currency as payment.

The company announced new models of luxury yachts for sale last Friday at the Miami International Boat Show 2018 and his CEO Bob Denison precised to CNBC media:

It is our job as salesmen to make shopping as easy as possible. It's just an effort to adapt to the customer to offer payment in crypto currency."

The owners of coins can therefore enjoy themselves by using Ether, Tron or Bitcoin Cash via the Bitpay service provider. It will still be necessary to count approximately 12 000 Ethers, it means 9 million euros for the recent model m90 Panacera that we can see in the picture above.


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