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The world's largest porn site launches into cryptocurrency payment

The site, which has been broadcasting pornographic videos since 2007, has decided to embark on the cryptomonnaie adventure


Dirty Coin: Wu-Tang Clan rapper's son launches crypto currency cryptographer

The son of rapper Ol Dirty Bastard has just announced the launch of his crypto-currency for summer 2018, baptized Dirty Coin it aims to finance his next album and to be used by fans to attend concerts for example.


Carrefour launches a Blockchain for product traceability in Europe.

It has already begun with the chicken from Auvergne, "Filière Qualité Carrefour", sold at one million units each year


It is now possible to have a cosmetic surgery by paying with Bitcoin and Etherum.

The virtual currency is starting to settle in. Indeed, after the sale of Yacht, it is now time for surgery! If you own Bitcoins or Etherum and have always been tempted by cosmetic surgery, now is the time to enjoy it. It would also be a good reason to visit Houston, Texas, because the Memorial Plastic Surgery offers you to


Buying a luxury yacht in crypto money is possible

Yachts are synonymous with dream life and reserved for millionaires and billionaires. Some people have made their fortune with crypto currencies and want to show their success. That's why Denison Yachting’s society, based in Florida, lives with his time and accepts virtual currency as payment.


What is an ICO? What you need to know about how ICO works

Nowadays, it is rather rare that a person does not know what cryptocurrency is. Indeed, electronic transactions are more and more popular and the growth of crypto-currencies is just as incredible. For all those who invest in this type of currency such as the famous Bitcoin or Ether, the returns are very satisfactory.


What is the history of Bitcoin: the creation phases of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a new invention of electronic money that has been appreciated by the general public since huge returns have resulted from this new method of financing. Thus, although this cryptocurrency is fairly recent, its history is no less rich in events


To be found among all the alt corner: the different altcoins present on the net market

Electronic money is becoming more popular as it offers great ease of use. Indeed, the various transactions are simpler, faster and therefore more attractive than the basic payment system. Although Bitcoin is one of the most prestigious currencies of today, there are others that have been inspired by the same concept to offer equally interesting services


Ether and BTC, what differences: what is the distinction between these two crypto-currencies?

It is clear that Bitcoin is one of the most prestigious crypto currencies of the current market. Indeed, it has reached a value of 6000 dollars in October 2017, which is particularly impressive. However, a new technology has attracted the attention of the general public, The Ethereum


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